West London 2017 Schedule is now on line.

There will be schedule changes accomodate club requirments.

Please check your schedule for any changes that may have happen to your age group


Challenge cup Games this year are at the following fields

and are all on our Field Location on our webpage

Ted Early 1,2 and 3

St Jullien 1 and 2

Mt Brydges Liond and 2

Henk VanDyke Fields 


Challenge cup schedule is also published. Semi final games August 12 2017. Final games August 13 2017.

Jewellery - The League has a ZERO tolerance for jewellery. Using tape to cover up jewellery is not allowed. Barrettes and bobby pins are also prohibited. Medical alert bracelets are allowed but they must be fully taped to the satisfaction of the referee. Hair band/sweat bands must stay in place on the head, not around the neck or over the eyes. Referees are also prohibited from wearing jewellery except for a watch or similar device for timing the match 


Our Email Address     WestLSLeague@gmail.com